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I love hearing movie trailers in 5.1 (or more) audio.  Back in the early 1990s when digital audio formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS were becoming the norm, trailers in the theater where usually presented in 5.1. Back in those times, the trailers for films such as “Twister”, “The Rock”, and “The Lost World” sounded incredible. Such active surrounds and deep, pounding bass.  Unfortunately, when they were released on DVD they arrived with 2.0 soundtracks.  How disappointing.  Here we were with the technology and equipment to play these trailers in full 5.1 but the studios decided to only include the 2 channel stereo version.

As time went on, Apple became the go to place for most people to view trailers on line. There was a brief point in time where they would include the full 5.1 soundtrack in AAC for their quick time files. Things were looking up, but at the same time mobile devices were gaining ground and the popularity of YouTube exploded. Now we have studios releasing their trailers directly to YouTube. I don’t blame them, it makes business sense to do so because they have a large audience and the ability for things to be shared with ease.


But we are still faced with the issue of trailers being predominately released in 2 channel stereo, instead of the full 5.1 channel that appears in theaters and on Blu-ray discs. After all, you don’t need full 5.1 on a phone or tablet. But what about those people who would rather experience something better? For those like me (and I hope you) it made for a bit of frustration.  There was not an easy way to get trailers in 5.1. You would have to go to multiple sites, scan forums, even pay to access certain sites. It is not the way it should be.

With this in mind, my goal with this site was to provide the most sought after trailers and present them in 1080p with full 5.1 audio. I have decided to go with H264 .MP4 for video as it is largely compatible with all systems. They can be put on a USB drive and played on a PS3. They can be played using various media players (I will be writing more on those) with your PC connected to your A/V receiver. Plus, the file size is relatively small, which saves on bandwidth – which is important to me at this point.

Should you have suggestions, or alternative formats that you are interested in please drop me a line and I will see what I can do. I do have upload limits to my host of 128MB for files, so compression (zip or rar) or upload to a file sharing site may need to be used.

I hope that you find the resources that I put on this site to be entertaining and useful. I welcome your feedback.


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