The quest for dts 1

dts HD Master Audio

dts HD Master Audio

When I uploaded the dts trailer “Animated Logo” the audio was Dolby AC3. This has been bothering me ever since, and I have held off on uploading more dts trailers because I felt that the audio on a dts trailer should be encode in dts, not Dolby, or AAC. This poses a couple of challenges – specifically getting a dts stream on an .MP4 for playback via the PS3. But then I realized that the PS3 can not play dts files accessed from the XMB (stored on USB or the hard disc). I don’t have a PS4, or an XBOX ONE but my research tells me that those platforms don’t support dts in that manner either. So the idea of getting a dts track on a .MP4 really is a useless endeavor. Unfortunately, it ate up a couple days of my life (off and on) trying to do it – with varying levels of success. In the end I was able to do it but the file would only play using MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema) and it had some issues.

As time went on, my PC connected to my receiver via HDMI has become my go-to media solution. The PS3 was great, but it has limits in compatibility. If something doesn’t play in one app on the PC, you can find a driver, codec, or another app that will allow it to play. With this in mind, I have updated the dts trailers page with a selection of 8 dts trailers that have dts audio. They are available in lossless DTS HD Master Audio 5.1. Two trailers have DTS HD High Resolution Audio and are 7.1. And for compatibility purposes for those who can not decode the HD Master Audio files, they are all available with the standard DTS 5.1 1,536 Kbps 48 kHz audio track.

This brings up a good question, and I pose it to you. What format do you want the trailers on this site to be in? MKV, MP4, or something else? Is there a desire to have trailers encoded in dts vs Dolby. Are people interested in FLAC? I want this site to be of value to those who use it. I will likely continue to post files as .MP4 with Dolby for comparability purposes, but if you have a preference please let me know using the Contact Us link in the menu, or in the comments section below.  If there is a demand, I will look into it.

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One thought on “The quest for dts

  • Jan

    MP4 works perfectly fine for me, doesn’t have to be any other format. What would be pretty great though is different video qualities. Those Surround 1080p files are pretty huge and mostly I already know what the trailer *looks* like in Full HD, the main interest is the sound. So if there was an alternative link to, say, a 720p version (maybe even lower) that would make the download a LOT faster for those who mainly are interested in the sound.