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The Expendables 4 (2023) Trailer 1 1080p Lossless YUV444 10bit DTS-HD MA and AC3 5.1 7

Download Trailer 1 for The Expendables 4 (2023)

The Expendables 4 (2023)

The Expendables 4 (2023)

I was going to put another picture of Jason Statham at the top of this post, but then I thought I have been posting pics of a lot of dudes lately – so let’s mix it up. Yes, the first trailer for The Expendables 4 (2023) has been released, and is now available for download. Breaking a bit from the original formula, this one introduces some “new blood”, which is probably a good idea if you want this franchise to continue on. I don’t have a 4K version but the 1080p looks quite nice – especially those 10 bit encodes.

A lot of you have been asking about Dune 2. Rest assured, those trailers are coming. In fact, I completed the video encodes of Trailer 1 tonight. I will try to get that out tomorrow, but I can’t guarantee it. I have a 4K widescreen version, as well as a 1080p IMAX version. At the moment, I do not yet have a 5.1 mix for trailer 2 – but I expect it soon. I am working on them, and they are on the way.

Stop what you are doing, and go to the The Expendables 4 (2023) page and check out trailer 1.

Ok, here are some dudes:

Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone star in ‘The Expendables 4’ also know as ‘Expend4bles’. In theaters September 22, 2023.