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  • Mike Rivera

    I know it’s a long shot but… Think you could start a section with the IMAX intros? Like the countdown one? Thanks for your time!!

  • Nick

    Any chance getting the Doctor Strange 3D trailer? I saw it right before civil war begin. It was beautiful! Great work by the way on the other trailers. Especially the 3D trailers.

      • Veera Gowda

        Dear Jonathan
        I have LG TV 65SM8100PUA (Nanocell, AI) connected to atomos enabled 7.2 Denon avr2100W with 9 speakers (including 2 sub woofers). According to the website information, my TV is not atmos enabled (SM8600 onwards are atmos enabled). However, when I play the atmos samples downloaded from your website directly in my tv, I do hear DIFFERENT sounds coming from each different speakers, that indicating it is outputting 7.1 audio. The experience is very similar to the one when we play the same file from my Panasonic blueray player which supports 7.1 audio (Denon display shows ” DOLBY ATMOS ” ) . So my question is :
        Does my TV truly has an ability to output dolby atmos sound when it is played from USB drive Or I am hearing pseudo atmos 7.1 sound?

        • Jonathan Post author

          Hi Veera. Does your Denon avr2100W indicate that the audio incoming is Atmos? Is there an Atmos indicator on the display that is lit up? If it does then you are hearing Atmos.

  • CrossRock

    any chance you can add an RSS to movie trailer links so that it can be added directly to Kodi? I think that would be awesome! and thanks for the trailers, my friends look in awe with the trailers before a movie in my home theater

  • dragonmcmx

    Hey, is there a chance we’ll get to see the “War for the Planet of the Apes” trailer in a 5.1 audio format? Been searching for it, but no luck so far.

  • Vinod Makwana


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am trying to download trailers but I failed. I tried many times but it is downloading 50%-60% then it stops.
    Please advise how to download full trailers.
    Waiting for reply.

    Thanks and regards,

  • dragonmcmx

    Hey, do you know if any HBO television trailers are released in a 5.1 mix? Specifically looking for Game of Thrones, but haven’t found anything so I thought I might as well ask.

    • Jonathan Post author

      Because that is all that I am getting from a lot of studios. Fox, Universal and Paramount used to provide either 5.1 mixes, or the stem tracks that I could do a decent 5.1 mix out of. Now all they include is the stereo mix, so I either have the option of not posting, or go with a 2.0 mix plus a 5.1 upmix.

  • Aiden

    When i download Star Wars The Last Jedi trailers 1,2 and then i put it in Audition, theres always a pop up saying file not supported or file corrupted

  • john tullio

    Just had a custom trailer made for me, absolutely outstanding work worth every dollar. Anyone who is thinking about having it done it will surprise you on how much more it brings to the home theatre experience!
    will be a returning customers.

  • B Kon

    Hi Jonathan, sorry to hear that you’re going through some rough times, you’re awesome and hope everything works out! all the best.

  • Ilyas

    Hi, sorry, but where can I get your old 5.1 audio trailers that were deleted? I really need Logan (2017) Trailer 1 & 2. If somebody has those 5.1 audio trailers, can you please contact me by replying? Thanks.

  • Gabriel Azoli

    Hello, I am Brazilian and I would love for you to post a trailer in Portuguese or other languages, because it is very difficult to find trailers in 5.1. Thank you.

  • MarkJ

    Neither of the recent downloads of the Elements Dolby Cinema or Imax trailers you uploaded will play on regular players. They bother give an error reading saying ‘file is corrupt and unrecognizable’. Is there a way to give us a standard version in a different codec? Also the Halloween 2018 trailer has a loud audible hiss all the way through and cannot be watched due to that. I just attempted to download the ‘Mandalorian’ trailer you posted, and it keeps telling us we have to sign up for an account before we can get it! No thanks. Don’t need more accounts or extra spam, but thanks for trying. I’ve never seen that before.

    • dragonmcmx

      I wouldn’t know about the others, but I posted the Mandalorian trailer and you don’t need an account to download it. While MEGA will offer you to register, there should be a download button available near the top if the video preview doesn’t expand automatically. Also what device are you trying to download it on? I just tried the link on PC without being logged in, and it works fine for me.

  • Sarmik Das

    Name: Sarmik Das



    Comment: Hi
    I am Sarmik das this is a very good site download for trailer . I just try to share my view, that from your site can i download hollywood movie with the high end sound like demo ( DTS, Dolby digital Sound ) as you already given. you just give the link i will pay the money to you & download the movie. Or can you suggest me any site for it?? please help me.
    Sarmik Das

    • Jonathan Post author

      I am going to try to explain this as best I can. 1920×1080 is an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. If a movie is filmed in that ratio, then the trailer will be in that ratio. For example, if you look at the technical specs of Joker on IMDB, you will see that the aspect ratio is 1.85:1 – which is 1920×1038. I uploaded a 1080p version (1920×1080) and if you view it, you will notice that there are very thin black bars at the top and bottom of the image. There are 21 lines of black at the top and bottom making up the black bars to fill the 1920×1080 container. (21×2 = 42. 42+1038 = 1080) Almost all films are in a wider aspect ratio such as 2.39:1 or 2.40:1. For 2.40:1 the image size is 1920×800. That means that there are 280 black lines in the 1920×1080 container – 140 on the top, and 140 on the bottom. I remove the black bars so that the image size matches the aspect ratio. Some people wrongly believe that they are missing 280 lines of the picture, but all they are missing is black – which your player will provide. For those who have a 2.40:1 display, or use a projector with an anamorphic lens, having the black bars removed makes their life better. As far as I know, there is no downside for anyone else. Why do you want 1920×1080 with black bars instead of 1920×800 without black bars?

  • Mike


    I would like to play your sample Dolby True HD and Atmos files through my 4K player USB port but I need to somehow convert, without losing quality, the files you have to mp4.

    Is there another link that is in mp4 or any suggestions?



  • Rob

    Your trailers are great keep up the good work

    Also can you do imax 4k 5.1 trailers please but film trailers because I’ve seen lots on YouTube but only stereo


  • Piper

    Hey! I’m loving this site for getting good trailers for use with Plex. I’ve noticed however that some of the older trailers seem to no longer be available. For instance, on a blog post for Zootopia, it links to the Zootopia page ( That redirects to the first Zootopia blog post, which again links to that page for the download. So I can’t seem to find a way to get to those trailers!

    • Jonathan Post author

      Yeah, that was removed a long time ago, like three years ago. I think I still have that one though. I’ll check the archives.

      • AJ

        Please upload Wrath of man trailer in 4K almost all latest trailers are uploaded on your website but Wrath of man is still not uploaded as trailer is already launched officially. So please it’s a request to upload Wrath of man trailer.

  • Lettuce

    Hi! This is a bit of an old request so I don’t know if anyone has it, but is there a surround sound copy of the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer anywhere? Preferably the second domestic trailer, since most YouTube uploads claiming to be 5.1 are usually stereo due to the way YouTube embeds videos. Any surround sound copy of that trailer would be appreciated, but if you don’t have it that’s fine!

  • peculiarchimp

    Does anyone have a backup of bearlasertrailers’ Lord of The Rings collection? I’ve tried his link but it doesn’t work anymore.

  • Chris B

    Just stumbled on to this site and it is AWESOME! Great job on all your uploads and keep up the amazing job! The quality, time and effort you put in to the uploads is definitely evident! Cheers!


    to whom it may concern,

    i’ve been trying to download some of your latest trailers like batman etc,etc.
    the trailers download but are not playing back on my computer the system is telling me that it’s not compatible.
    what i can i do to make it compatible so that i can send it to my usb drive and play it back on my oppo-203 4k blu-ray player?

    thank you for your time, charles

    • Jonathan Post author

      Hi Charles. I would suggest that you download a more standard version with widely accepted video specifications. I have been providing trailers with 10 bit, and 444 or 422 chroma subsampling. Not all systems, programs or devices will be able to play those back. However, I do provide the standard 420 8 bit mp4 which should be widely playable. If you are having trouble playing back the mp4 version or the 8 bit mkv, please let me know.

  • Evan

    Hi, this is a fantastic website, with a great repository of trailers. I wanted to suggest adding HBO’s Chernobyl to the list if its even possible. Thanks again!

  • George

    i hope you can upload the new doctor strange in the multiverse of madness trailer in 5.1 sound mix! thats all i want..somone named @thesebbazz on twitter has show a pic of the trailer version ( and he said its about 2.5gb size 4K ) idk if its 5.1 tho. also he said you need you have to have an account to download it, you have to be from a press site to access it. so idk what that actually means but i was hoping you can access it maybe?

  • Jean Michel

    hey im trying to download some of your trailer but the We Transfer said file Not Found… maybe you could fix it or reupload it please ???