MISSION – Generic Pre-show Trailer 1080p HD PCM 7.1 .mkv




Important: Before purchasing, ensure that your system can play back this file by downloading the sample file containing the same technical specifications. You can download the file here.

The generic “Mission” pre-show trailer.

File format: .mkv

Video: 1080p H.264

Audio: PCM 7.1 Lossless

A quick note about the 7.1 PCM audio. The channel assignments have the back left and right in channels 5 and 6, and the side left and right are in channels 7, and 8. Please confirm with the test file that the test sounds are coming from the correct speakers. VLC is probably not the best option for playback of 7.1 or 5.1 audio tracks. I recommend Media Player Classic Home Cinema, which can be found at https://mpc-hc.org/

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