THX Trailers 22



THX Trailers in 5.1 Audio. Trailers are .MP4 format PS3 compatable.
Audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 640Kbps. Video size is 1920X1080 – 1080p.

To download, right click and select “save link as”.

Eclipse LongMP4
Eclipse ShortMP4
Eclipse Long 4K UHD DTS-HD MAMKV
Eclipse Short 4K UHD DTS-HD MAMKV

Please Note: I have been unable to successfully playback the 4K versions, I believe it is lack of processing power needed for 4K resolution. My playback has been jittery. However, I did successfully transcode the files to 1080p which played as expected. Therefore, I assumed that the jitter was not a problem with the 4K source file. If you are able to playback the file in 4K without issues please indicate in the comments.

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