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Who doesn’t love the famous THX ‘Deep Note’? Here is the latest THX trailer in both Long and Short versions, in 1080p and 4K UHD.

To playback the MKV files in DTS-HD Master Audio you will need a media player such as Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) or a Media Server such as Plex that can output the Lossless stream via HDMI to an AV Receiver that supports DTS-HD Master Audio. These files have been tested with both MPC-HC and Plex.

Interested in our customizable pre-show trailer? Check it out here:
Custom Home Theater Pre Show Trailer with 7.1 Audio

To download, right click and select “save link as”.

Eclipse Long 1080p AC3 5.1 MP4
Eclipse Short 1080p AC3 5.1 MP4
Eclipse Long 4K UHD DTS-HD MA MKV
Eclipse Short 4K UHD DTS-HD MA MKV
THX 2019 4K UHD DTS:NEURAL UPMIX Encoded in DTS-HD MA 5.1 / AC3 5.1 MKV

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