Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) Trailer 1 1080p FLAC and AC3 5.1 (H.265)

Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)

Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)

The latest chapter of Underworld is headed to theaters in January. You can get trailer 1 at the Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) page. I also did a HEVC (H.265) encode which is there also. The difference in file size is amazing, especially considering it still has the lossless FLAC 5.1 audio. So if you are interested in HEVC give it a try.

Onkyo DTS:X firmware upgrade to be released August 31, 2016 – Tomorrow!



Tomorrow should be an interesting day as the long awaited (and about a year delayed) release of the DTS:X Firmware upgrade for select 2015 Onkyo model A/V Receivers is scheduled to happen. Happily, I have one of the receivers that will be eligible for the upgrade, the THX Certified TX-NR747 which you can now buy for a great price ($478.00 new or $438 is you are ok with certified refurbished).

There are other models available for upgrade as well:

From the new 2016 lineup TX-NR555, NR656 , TX-RZ610TX-RX710, and TX-RZ810

From the older 2015 lineup TX-NR646TX-NR747TX-RZ800, and TX-RZ900

If you are looking to upgrade to DTS:X and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the TX-NR646 at under $400 is probably the best bargain out there as long as it meets your other needs. The DTS:X Firmware upgrade should be available tomorrow at the Onkyo Website. I plan to try it out with The Huntsman: Winter’s War which is available on Blu-ray with a DTS:X track.

How does DTS:X differ from Dolby Atmos?

Both DTS:X and Dolby Atmos are object based but DTS claims that DTS:X works no matter how you have your room laid out, offering an excellent presentation with maximum flexibility. That sounds great, if it is actually that flexible. For me, that remains to be seen. The other difference is DTS Neural:X versus Dolby Surround witch are the competing versions of a non native object based upmixer for height channels. Similar to the comparison between Dolby Pro-logic II and DTS Neo:6. How will they differ when employed on non DTS:X or Atmos tracks remains to be seen.



Rings (2016) Trailer 1 1080p FLAC 7.1 and AC3 5.1 1

Rings (2016)

Rings (2016)

It has been a bit of a slow week, but I finally have something to post. Trailer 1 for ‘Rings’ has been uploaded and is available at the Rings (2016) page. Rings is a sequel to the 2002 horror film ‘The Ring’. I normally do not like horror films as I tend to find them to be lame, but I did find the 2002 ‘The Ring’ to be properly good. My wife on the other hand, loves horror movies but can not watch them. I will show her this trailer later tonight and she will tell me never to show it to her again.

I have had a lot of people ask about where these trailers come from. I get some of them from others who have access to the source. Some of them I mix from HD masters that I have access to being a publicity site. For ‘Rings’ I mixed it from a source that had individual tracks for narration, dialogue, music, and sound effects tracks. To give those who are interested a sense of what goes into the process, the .mkv file for Rings Trailer 1 has an additional 8 tracks that demonstrate the progression of the mix. Pass 1 has just the sound effects in the surround channels and it evolves to Pass 8 which is the version before the final mix on the file.

Tonight, you may be able to catch the theatrical screening of Rogue One Trailer 2 in 4K. It was released to theaters this week in 4K and is likely to be screened with ‘The Mechanic: Resurrection’. It is odd though as The Mechanic is only being released in 2K so I am not sure if the Rogue One trailer will actually be screened in 4K. But if you want to see it in the theater, your best bet is ‘The Mechanic: Resurrection’

I planned on adding ‘Arrival’ to the site last week. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the result of what I have available. I do have individual music and effects tracks to work with, but the dialogue is only available as part of the stereo mix. I find the dialogue to be unintelligible, especially Forrest Whitaker, who seems to be very muffled. With that in mind I have decided to hold off on posting until I have something better to post.

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story (2016) Trailer 2 1080p FLAC and AC3 5.1 1

Rogue One Poster

Rogue One

The black helmet is back… We are now just a little over 4 months from the release of Rogue One and I am getting more excited by the day. After a delay from Celebration Europe the second trailer has been released. In anticipation of increased traffic I have added alternate links for the mkv and mp4 files for trailer 2. You can get the new trailer at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) Trailer 1 1080p FLAC and AC3 5.1

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I just finished a mix for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter which is sourced from the dialogue, music, and effects tracks. I created a lossless encode from the PCM tracks and there is an AC3 encode as well. You can get this trailer at the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter page.

The second trailer for Rogue One is supposed to air tonight on NBC during the coverage of the Olympics. I just did a google search and nothing new, so I guess that means it has not been released yet. We won’t have to wait much longer.