Bond-a-thon (or Daniel Craig-a-thon) Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall Trailers with 5.1 audio.


Are you looking to have a Bond-a-thon before going to see Spectre? Are you looking for the trailers for the Daniel Craig James Bond films in 1080p with 6 channel audio? Then look no further, and let Bond-a-thon begin!

Casino Royale (2006)

Trailer 2 – 1920X800 Dolby AC35.1 448 Kbps 337MB m2ts


Quantum of Solace (2009)

Trailer 2 – 1920X800 AAC 5.1 454 Kbps 162 MB Quicktime


Skyfall (2012)

Trailer 1 – 1920X792 Stream 1: DTS-HD MA, Stream 2: LPCM 5.1 24 bit, Stream 3: AC3 5.1 .mkv


Trailer 2 – 1920X1080 Stream 1: DTS-HD MA, Stream 2: LPCM 5.1 24 bit, Stream 3: AC3 5.1 640kbps, Stream 4: AC3 5.1 448kbps .mkv


And you can get all three Spectre trailers at the Spectre trailers page.

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