Creed (2015) Trailers 1 and 2 – DTS-HD MA and 5.1


A few months ago, I added the first trailer for Creed to a playlist before a feature film. I had no idea that it was a Rocky movie. My wife, who is a big fan of the Rocky films (except Rocky 5, she HATES Rocky 5 and thinks it is an insult to the first four) was completely taken by surprise. Trailer 1 has great build-up, waiting quite a while to introduce Rocky which¬†makes for quite a surprise for fans of the franchise. We think this movie looks quite good, and can’t wait to see it in November.

For Creed there are currently 2 trailers. We have both the international and trailer 2 Рboth with DTS-HD Master Audio on the .mkv files, and standard 5.1 on the .mp4 files. You can grab them over at the Creed trailers page.

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