The Force Awakens Trailer 3 Update

The Force Awakens
The Force Awakens

A few days ago, I mentioned that there was some rumours that the latest trailer for The Force Awakens will be released on Monday, October 19th.

These rumours appear to be true and the general thought is that it will appear on TV during Monday night football. I am not sure if that is the right target audience, but it is a wide audience. As far as timing goes, it looks like the next few days will go like this:

Today: Some theaters will begin ticket pre-sales for The Force Awakens.

Sunday: Disney will release the official one-sheet (poster).

Monday: Trailer 3 will be released around 8PM (EST).

So, the next question will be: when will we get it in 5.1 audio? I think that it will first be released in 2 channel stereo. The main distribution service we use only has 2 channel versions of the first two, so I don’t expect them to have a multi channel version available on Monday. But if history is a guide, it will only be a day or two until it is available. Rest assured, that we will have it as soon as possible. Along with the 3D version.

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