Apple Encode of The Force Awakens Trailer 3 with PCM 5.1 Audio

The Force Awakens Trailer 3
The Force Awakens Trailer 3

For those who prefer the Apple encode of trailer 3 for the video, but my encode for the audio, I have remuxed the Apple encode with the 5.1 PCM audio track. This one has the MPAA rating card and the “tickets now available” tag at the end. The files can be found at The Force Awakens page.

The 3D Side by Side conversion is still on my to-do list. I have not forgotten.

Update: The International Trailer with “December 17” instead of “December 18” at the end has been added. I am not sure if this mix is a theatrical version from Europe, but it is louder than previous files. I will let you decide on which you prefer.

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