Daddy’s Home (2015) Trailer 2 1080p PCM and AC3 5.1 and other news

Daddy's Home
Daddy’s Home

Trailer 2 for Daddy’s Home is now available. It can be found at the Daddy’s Home page. I think I prefer trailer 1, but this has some laughs as well. Daddy’s Home opens December 25th.

I also updated the Spectre page to include the trailers for all the Daniel Craig Bond films in 5.1 audio. If you are having a Bond-a-thon before the release of Spectre you may want to pick those up.

To follow up on the big event from last week, the release of The Force Awakens Trailer 3, it appears that it will not be in theaters again this week. The trailer listing from deluxe includes Joy Trailer E, Don Verdean Trailer 1, and The Night Before Trailer 4 (which we will likely have soon). There is still no sign of The Force Awakens Trailer 3 coming to theaters. I will keep an eye out to see if it is on schedule for next week in time for Spectre. I know a lot of people are hoping to see it in IMAX when they go see Spectre. And that may provide a more dynamic mix for us as well. Here’s hoping.


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