Warcraft Trailer Drops on Friday

Warcraft Movie Poster

The first trailer for Warcraft (2016) drops on Friday. I have set up the Warcraft page, which obviously does not have the trailers yet. It does have a link to the 3158 × 5000 Warcraft One Sheet, which you can see to the Left.

I do expect to have this trailer with multi channel audio, but it likely will not be until after 7pm Eastern on Friday. And I can not guarantee that Universal will provide anything other than a stereo track. They usually provide more, so I am optimistic.  To be notified when the trailer is available on the site, complete with 5.1 audio, you can subscribe to the site, or follow us on Facebook

I have been working on my review of Terminator: Genisys and it is taking a lot longer than I expected. I hope to have that finished tomorrow if all goes well.


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