Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015) Film Review (Spoiler Free)

The Force Awakens One Sheet
The Force Awakens One Sheet

I just watched The Force Awakens, and I must say that it lived up to my expectations in every way. Truly a return to the classic style from the original trilogy. It introduced some great new characters in Rey and Finn – who have a wonderful chemistry. I really liked Finn, he was a little goofy, fun, unsure of himself, and ultimately quite brave. John Boyega was wonderful in the role, as was Daisy Ridley as Rey. BB-8 was a fun addition to the droid lineup in the saga and it was an absolute delight to see Han and Chewie back in the Millennium Falcon. The film had quite a few genuinely funny moments, I know I spent a great deal of the time grinning like an excited kid. The movie introduces some new questions, mainly the origin of the new enemy who takes the place of Emperor Palpatine, and where did Luke’s lightsaber come from – because as you know it was hacked off of Luke’s arm along with his hand by Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, to eventually fall from Cloud City…to Bespin I guess. 

Bottom line – this is the Star Wars film you have been waiting for since you heard that Episode I was coming. In all the ways that episodes I-III are missing that element that makes episodes IV-VI fantastic, episode VII has them all and then some. It is a simpler story of good vs. evil instead of taxation of trade routes and senate procedures. I am fairly certain that it will challenge Avatar for that number 1 spot. If it doesn’t break the record, it will come close.

I can’t wait to see it again!

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