The Girl on the Train (2016) Trailer 1R FLAC and AC3 5.1

The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train

A few items of note today. First, Trailer 1R for The Girl on the Train, based upon the best selling novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins has been released. It looks like an interesting psychological thriller, and if you have read the book you probably will know all the surprises. Trailer 1R can be found at The Girl on the Train page.

I have the latest trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse but it is only in 2 channel stereo. I tried to do an “experimental mix” but the end result was pretty terrible. The track features a lot of ambient musical sounds that don’t work well at all. So I doubt it will be available anytime soon.

And finally, I am going to be moving some content from domain to as the bandwidth usage is getting too high, and I am pretty certain that it will soon draw the attention of the hosting provider as this has to be a bandwidth hog – we will exceed 10 Terabytes for April. The good side to this is that it should improve the site performance – but moving things around is never fun. Going forward new .mp4 files will be hosted on the domain, but for a limited time. Nothing is going away, only the links are changing.

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