Rogue One – A Star Wars Story (2016) Celebration Sizzle 1080p FLAC and AC3 5.1

Rogue One Poster
Rogue One

It is hard to believe, but we are only 5 months away from the release of Rogue One and I am totally psyched for this film. And now we have the sizzle that was screened today at Star Wars Celebration Europe in London.  I believe that Trailer 2 was also presented to the audience, as Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm instructed the audience to turn off their phones and to keep what they see a secret. The webcast then displayed the sizzle reel again, but I am certain the audience saw the trailer which will be on ABC tonight.

The sizzle has lots of new footage and frankly looks awesome. I can not wait for Trailer 2, but in the meantime, you can get the sizzle in Lossless 5.1 audio and AC3 5.1 the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story page.

Update 9:05 PM EST – July 15, 2016.

It appears that the Rogue One Trailer that aired during the Force Awakens Special on ABC was in fact the Sizzle from Celebration Europe. I guess that we will have to wait a little longer for Trailer 2.

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