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5 thoughts on “Passengers (2016) Trailer 1 1080p FLAC and AC3 5.1

  • Nicholas

    Thanks so much for posting this – however the audio seems sliiightly offset with the video. Any chance that could be true? Or is it just my equipment/etc? Thanks!

      • Nicholas

        My bad – I just re-watched it after some tweaks and it appears to be totally fine. Sorry for the false alarm. And thanks again for providing these!

      • Nicholas

        I think it may be a bug or quirk in Kodi. I’m using Kodi to play them back and it seems slightly off. But if I use VLC it seems better. Go figure. Movies/etc play back fine in Kodi, so there must be something weird in the trailers. Also, it seems that earlier trailers posted sync’d better in Kodi, so I’m not sure if you changed something in your export format. I’m using the lossless versions, by the way. Also tried AC3 versions and still slightly out of sync.