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I have been asked quite a few times recently about different encoding options. Some people can not playback FLAC, and would like to have PCM, while others want DTS-HD Master Audio. Some want .mp4 with 720p to save on downloading, while some want higher bit-rates. I just do not have the time to make multiple versions of every trailer and I would like to have a standard that works well for everyone, and which will shorten the time it takes me to upload the content.

DTS-HD Master Audio is cost prohibitive. The DTS Master Audio Encoding Suite has a list price of $1500 US. While I would love to encode in DTS-HD Master Audio, I just do not have $1500 to spend on the encoder. If you know how to do Master Audio Encoding for much less, I would love to hear from you.

When I started out, the plan was to have .mp4 files with 5.1 at 640 kbps. That is all I planned to do, but eventually I started to work with PCM and later FLAC as an alternative to lossy formats. At this point, I can work with four audio options: AC3 5.1 at 640 kbps, lossless PCM, lossless FLAC, and DTS 5.1 at 1536 kbps – which is the “core” of the HD Master Audio track.

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Thank you for your feedback!

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  1. I understand your predicament, as I found out the cheapest DTS option for me was TotalCode Studio and that at the time was $1000 as i needed DDTHD and DTSHD. When it comes down to it an .mkv with PCM and/or .ac3 is the most universal file format from my understanding and can be played on pretty much all devices. And when it comes even further down to it, with trailers aren’t really mixed with audio quality in mind these days either, so your initial .mp4/.mkv with .ac3 @ 640kb/s should be more than enough!

    At the end of the day we’re lucky to have someone like you wanting to spend some of their spare time sharing their love of movies and movie trailers with us, and for that I thank you!

    Those are just my two cents.

  2. Not many people have 7.1 but the ones like me who do, it would be tremendously helpful to see a 7.1 trailer once in a while as well and I see Craig below offered to help with DTS-MA maybe he can help?! 🙂
    MKV might not be easy to stream though if you are using Kodi. I am not sure, we might have to test it. And FLAC is also not playing the multichannel in Kodi. it only outputs stereo.

  3. Just keep 2 versions if only 1080p is available:
    1) 5mbps (approx ) video + 5.1 AC3 audio in mp4 container. Ideal for TVs below 50″ with standard 5.1 systems.
    2) 15mbps (approx) video + 5.1/7.1 PCM audio in mkv container. Now this be for the rich man. On big TVs, the video quality you are providing now gets a lot of blockiness and does not give theatre feel. PCM is supported on every device unlike flac, truehd, etc and also has 7.1 support so stick to it.

    You are doing a wonderful job, follow my advice. Trust me, this the best you can have.

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