From the archives: Batman vs Superman ComicCon Trailer 1080p AC3 5.1 5

Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman

To the archives!

I was looking through my old files, and found the master for the 2015 Comic Con Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. I have had a few inquiries looking for BvS trailers so I decided to revisit it. A bit of background on this one. The BvS Comic Con trailer was the first trailer that I mixed from Dialogue, Music and Effects tracks back in August 2015. The original .mp4 that I posted was only 128 Mb in size, with a video bit rate of 4403 Kbps and an AC3 5.1 track. As time went on I have increased the level of quality of my transcodes, so the original is really sub standard. I performed a new transcode from the HD master, with a video bitrate of 25.8 Mbps. Sadly, I do not have the lossless audio elements so the remaster contains a tweaked version of the original AC3 5.1 track. I found the original to be a bit unbalanced to the surrounds, so I re-balanced it more to the front. You can find the remaster of the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Comic-Con 2015 trailer at the Justice League (2017) page.

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