Site Update – What the heck has been going on?

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Long time visitors to this site have noticed that there has not been a lot (any) new updates over the past few months. I want to give a quick update as to why, and where things are headed. The first issue was that I was impacted by a major flood in the spring, and had to evacuate. Thankfully, I sustained no damage as I was on higher ground, but I was cutoff for a few weeks and was unable to add new content. The second and more significant development was due to my wife, particularly the fact that she no longer wanted to be my wife. These things happen, and I am ok. But the big problem is that the space I used to run the site, mix audio, and so on, has been converted to her bedroom. So I don’t have a place right now to do what I need to do to provide quality updates on the site.
I would also like to mention that I get a lot of emails where there seems to be an assumption that there is a team of people making this site work. There is not…it is just me.

What is next?

There is good news! Site hosting has been renewed until July 2019, and I am happy to say that the money raised from folks ordering custom pre-show trailers covered that expense. Thank you to all who have supported the site in that way, and thank you to those who have made a donation, made an Amazon purchase through an affiliate link, or clicked on an advertisement – every penny helps. I may have a new source for official 5.1 mixes, which is also great news. I hope to have more on that soon.

When will this site be back to normal?

I thought I would be able to be back by now. I am currently looking for a new place, and my ex wife seems motivated to move things along. I think it will be a few more weeks, but I will be back! I appreciate all your patience and look forward to providing you with the highest quality content available.


23 Replies to “Site Update – What the heck has been going on?

  1. We appreciate everything you do for this community.

    Take all the time you need to take care of yourself and your affairs.

    Good luck to you as you transition to this new stage in your life.


  2. Sorry to hear that man…i feel your pain…been through divorce twice in my life and with children last go around. Sounds
    like you have a positive attitude going for you right now…get yourself together first most important,..then get on with
    business at hand.


  3. Indian movies are earning good nowadays in the US, can you ask for any Indian movie 5.1 trailer as well ? Try if you can, it’ll be a great thing.

  4. Sorry to hear about ur marriage. Just glad to hear u are ok. When sites drop off like this one did, u fear the worst.

    Pumped u r going to be back at it soon. Best trailer site, bar none.

  5. Glad to hear you are safe. Sucks to hear about the split but I wish you the best. Take as much time as you need. We’ll be here.

  6. Thank you for everything you did for everyone here, take your time with your stuff then when you ready come back. I wish you everything best and hope you find a awesome place and have a nice day.

  7. Great to hear you’ll continue running the site and possibly found a new source for official 5.1 mixes! Too bad about the divorce but probably a good learning experience.. Hope you’ll be able to kick her out so you can keep your mixing room.

  8. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for all the content you’ve provided willingly and freely. You are a legend in my book.

    ‘Life’ sideswipes one quickly and easily. Best of luck reorientation yourself again.

  9. Keep your head up man ! Life happens. I just wanted to post to support you and the site. You do a great job and it is much appreciated.

  10. Jon, glad to hear you’re hanging in there! Sorry if it felt like I was pestering you. Just trying to help 🙂

  11. I love your work, and keep it up man <3
    Question: is it possible if you could send me the Civil War trailers 1 & 2 with 5.1, reupload or send them to my email – ?

    I would so so so much appreciate this if its possible of course, best regards Buddy <3333

  12. Hello! Just wondering why nobody has posted the trailer for Inside Out 2 on here? Could use it for a project I’m working on. Please let me know!

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