Oppenheimer (2023) Trailer 2 4K DTS-HD MA and AC3 5.1

Download 4K Trailer 2 for Oppenheimer (2023)

Oppenheimer (2023)

The second trailer for Oppenheimer (2023) is fantastic. This one was screened when I went to see Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) in IMAX. There is great use of the surrounds, especially with what I believe is the sound of a Geiger Counter, which actually are not as expensive as I thought they would be. I do not have a 2.2:1 aspect ratio version of this trailer but if I find one I will certainly add it to the Oppenheimer (2023) page.

I have a lot more to post, it just takes time to do them. And since I really only have some evenings where I have spare time it sometimes takes longer to get things done than I would like. In the case of this new trailer for Oppenheimer it took nearly four hours to do all the encodes, muxing audio, syncing, quality checking, uploading, adding to the page and writing a post. It takes a lot longer than most realize.

I am going to get started on the international version of Fast X Trailer 1 which will have the 5.1 audio track. If all goes well, it will be up tomorrow night.

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