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if my memory is correct….?

Using the ProRes 422 HQ file:
I used Handbrake 1.4.2 on my Mac mini M1 (2020) Arm on MacOS 11.6.3.
I might not recall the exact settings in handbrake….?

I did two high bit rate encodes. 1 at Average bite rate 80000kbps and one over that, maybe at 1000000kbps.
I kept the higher bite rate one which is variblae at 100-210Mbps. Plays fine on my Oppo-203 as an mkv container.

I used eac3toGUI to demux the 5.1 PCM into 6 mono wave files and ran it in DTS-HD Master Audio Suite 2.60.22 for Blu-ray spec DTS-HD MA 5.1.

My Oppo-203 reports back with a pop-up “File is not supported” for:


Remuxing JurassicWorldDominion_T1_TXTD_H.265.mkv in MKVToolNix with no compression on the video and audio tracks gives me a corrupted video track and no audio and a possible freeze of my Oppo-203. It looks like the end credits to Blade Runner 2049. Doing the same for the ProRes still gives me the pop up “File not supported”.

Ive seen two encoders here and on movie-list also put out trailers with similar issues along with the LPCM SL24 xxx something on the audio tracks of the trailers and that comes out as static sound on my Oppo-203. I would guess that’s not up to Blu-ray/4K UHD Blu-ray White papers spec.

If you guys are using the DCP packages, you have to unwrap/extract and or convert the video or audio tracks. Unless DCP packages and its DCI and Interop and SMTPE, showvault and so on has change dramatically since I left back in 2015 from the theatrical exhibition of Digital Cinemas. BTW, I started in the early days of a theatre going from 35mm to Digital in 2009. I hope this helps.