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    This is the official mix of the first trailer for the upcoming Fox Searchlight film, The French Dispatch, starring Benicio Del Toro, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Timothée Chalamet, Léa Seydoux, Owen Wilson, Mathieu Amalaric, Lyna Khoudri, Stephen Park, Bill Murray and Willem DaFoe. Video and audio have been slowed down from the international 25 fps master to 23.976 fps.

    THE FRENCH DISPATCH (2020) Official International Trailer A:!q3pDXRzS!WnQsV2kG2EjmHrLa52f2taQopbZ6q9IRHOfx7rCO69M

    Video specs:
    Codec: H.264 MPEG-4 AVC (.mp4)
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    Bitrate: 24.000 kbps
    Framerate: 23.976 fps

    Audio specs:
    Codec: MPEG AAC Audio
    Sample rate: 48000 Hz
    Bitrate: 384 kbps
    Channels: 6 channels
    Language: English

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