IMAX Infinite Worlds 4K HEVC HDR Rec2020 DTS-HD MA

IMAX Infinite Worlds Pre-show Trailer DTS-HD MA 5.1
IMAX Infinite Worlds

New versions of IMAX Infinite Worlds have been added to the IMAX Pre-Show Trailers page. This replaces the version that was posted in July. There are a number of differences from the July version. The audio of the new version is much better than the previous version, and I suspect that the July version was not an official mix. The resolution is also better, where the July had 2732×1438 (1.899 aspect ratio) the new version is 3840×2026 (1.895 aspect ratio). I also did some editing to give a buffer at the beginning for smoother start of playback. Another major difference is that this time there is an HEVC 10 Bit HDR Rec2020 version as well. This is my first attempt at color grading and I could not have done it without the help of Sergio Novelli. While we are mostly happy with the results, I am sure not everyone will be. But please keep in mind that this is a first attempt and the process will continue to be refined. So, head on over to the IMAX Pre-Show Trailers page and check them both out. I also want to thank Johann for sending the new version along.

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      1. Thank you Jonathan for posting/sharing this. The gunshots in the war scene doesn’t sound as distinct as it is in the theater, is that Normal? I have to test the 4k DTS but the regular DTS is that way. Nevertheless thank you for sharing this.

          1. Hi Jonathan, I added external amplifiers to my receiver and then calibrated the speakers. The audio now matches with the way it sounds in the theater. This is a great share. Thanks much.

  1. Awesome!!!! Thanks so much for continuing to give us awesome demo files!!! Can’t wait for a DTSX (IMAX Enhanced version) and some more Dolby Atmos deliciousness! Cheers!!!

  2. So , this is encoded from a 4K Rec 2020 HDR source and then downconverted to SDR or is it 2 different sources for each? I ask because my Home theater setup is only 1080p and i will be using just the SDR 4K version and then downscaling it as the mp4 has lower bitrate and no lossless audio, i also noticed this in black widow’s trailer, will we stop getting high quality, lossless 1080p versions from now on? Whatever the case maybe, thank you and keep up the good work

    1. Thank you for your questions. The source was 4K SDR. I performed a color grading in Premiere Pro using a high dynamic range. This was exported from Premiere Pro using the H265 codec with Rec2020 color primaries and HDR. To answer your question on Black Widow, I plan to continue to post 1080p versions, and in fact I did a 1080p for Black Widow. You may have missed it, and you can find it here:

  3. This is a bit blocky I think during the starting scene, especially in the sky to the far right. Machine resources shouldn’t be an issue, so I can only presume a problem with the encoding process. I7 9700k CPU, 970 GTX, Lav filters with MPC-HC on an LG B7 OLED connecting to a Denon 2400H

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