Greyhound (2020) Trailer 1 1080p PCM Stereo

Greyhound (2020) Trailers
Greyhound (2020)

It has been a little while since I added a new trailer. February is usually a slow time of the year, but things will be picking up now into the summer season, unless COVID-19 derails the schedule. You may have heard that yesterday it was announced that the upcoming James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ has been moved from April to November 25, 2020 because they determined that it would have an impact on the box office results. A lot of cinemas are closed, so that makes sense. If the situation continues to deteriorate, we may see a larger shift in the release schedule.

Tom Hanks stars in ‘Greyhound’ for which he also wrote the screenplay. Inspired by actual events during World War II and adapted from the novel ‘The Good Shepherd’ by C. S. Forester. Greyhound is set to hit theaters in June. I do not have a 5.1 mix at this time, but I should be able to get one before too long. I did a 5.1 upmix, but I was not very happy with the result. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work, so for now we have the official stereo mix which sounds pretty good using the Surround processor in 7.1

Trailer 1 – Official Stereo Mix – PCM
Video: AVC H264 32Mbps
Audio: Official Mix – PCM Stereo
Image: Scope 1920×802
Format: MKV

Trailer 1 Official Stereo Mix – AC3 2.0
Video: AVC H264 16Mbps
Audio: Official Mix – AC3 2.0
Image: Scope 1920×802
Format: MP4

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Release Date: June 12, 2020 (North America)
Director: Aaron Schneider
Writers: C.S. Forester (novel), Tom Hanks (screenplay)
Stars: Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham
Studio: Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures

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