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Coming Soon Pre-Show Trailer DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1

Coming Soon Pre-Show Trailer


Click here to get a FREE version of my “Coming Soon” pre-show trailer. Now, since it is free, the quality is not as good (1080p and AC3 only) as what you would get in the purchased versions, but it is FREE.  Also, the customized versions of the “Coming Soon” and “Feature Presentation” trailers are on sale for 50% off. These also include new DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 and 5.1 encodes, as well as 4K options. If you are just interested in a generic version, they are now 40% off the regular price too!

All available files can be found at The Digital Theater Store.

Purchases go to supporting this site – which has many expenses including site hosting, security, and data storage. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help me deliver the files you expect – like the 4K IMAX Avengers Trailers, and the upcoming trailers for Star Wars Episode IX.

Customized Pre-Show Trailers with 7.1 / 5.1 audio in 4K or 1080p

Feature Presentation Pre-Show trailer
Make your movie night complete and support with our “Coming Soon” and “Feature Presentation” trailers. Now you can have a big cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Just add the “Coming Soon” trailer to the start of your playlist, followed by the trailers you want to show before your film. Place the “Feature Presentation” after your trailers and before the movie. Your guests will love it and congratulate you on your excellent showmanship.

If you want a truly unique home cinema experience, these can be customized with the name of your home cinema – or anything else you want.

Available in 1080p or 4K (2160p), the audio was designed and mixed by Jonathan Richards, founder of and is perfect for showcasing what your guests can expect watching a movie in your home cinema. With audio in Lossless PCM 7.1 / 5.1, DTS 5.1, or Dolby AC3 5.1 there is a format for everyone!


Please note that the audio and video quality of the purchased files will be far superior to what you see in the video below:

Order your “Coming Soon” and “Feature Presentation” trailers today for just $5 each. You will receive a download link as soon as your payment is processed.

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Ready to customize? Customized trailers are available for just $10. Once your payment is received, files will be processed and sent to you – usually within 24 to 48 hours.

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Here is what some satisfied customers had to say: (From Mission Custom Preshow Trailer)

Brian (verified owner) – November 23, 2017

I would give this product 10 stars if available. I decided to order the 1080p custom Mission 7.1 PCM trailer and it is better than I expected. I received a very quick response after initial order on specifics for the images and text I wanted integrated in the beginning and end scene. Quickly following that, I had a file to download for review. it was exactly as requested but I had a second thought on the text on one of the scenes(Too much). I asked if it would be a problem to edit. The request was granted without any questions or hesitation and was quickly corrected within a few hours. This sounds absolutely amazing in my custom home theater, and looks incredible with additional image scenes with text that were added. I would recommend this for a must have for the finishing touch to complete your home theater or just a cool factor! Do yourself a favor and get this. This intro blows away all of the other intros I have owned or seen. Thank you again. I hope to see more!
Customer service – 5 stars
Scope of work requested – 5 stars
Overall timing – 5 stars
Cost – 5 stars
Quality of work 5 – stars
Overall quality of product – 5 stars

Sal (verified owner) – November 28, 2017

I decided to order the 4K custom Mission 7.1 FLAC trailer and it is better than I expected. I received a very quick response after initial order. This sounds absolutely amazing in my MetropolisHT home theater ( ) and looks incredible. I would recommend this for a must have for the finishing touch to complete your home theater or just a cool factor! Thank you again.

martin_leger (verified owner) – March 8, 2018

I’ve ordered this Custom Mission 7.1 trailer and they did a tremendous job on it! I wanted to be translate into French language. Awesome… Very fast answer, extremely professional, DO RECOMMEND!!!

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Coming Soon and Feature Presentation Trailers with 7.1 and 5.1 audio 2

Looking for unique videos to add to your home cinema pre-show experience? Well, look no further, as I have just added two new pre-show trailers: Cosmic Boom – Coming Soon and Cosmic Boom – Feature Presentation. Both are high bit rate (80 Mbps) mkv files and feature a variety of audio options (PCM 7.1/5.1, DTS 5.1 and AC3 5.1) As well, there is a lower bitrate mp4 with AC3 audio if you have issues playing back mkv files.


Cyber Monday Sale!

Custom Home Theater Pre Show Trailer with 7.1 Audio

Cyber Monday Sale is on now! Support this site, and save 20% on the generic ‘MISSION’ pre-show trailer. There are nine different audio and video configurations available. Go to the MISSION pre-show trailers page for more details.

Looking for a customizable pre-show trailer as a gift? Order by December 20th to guarantee completion in time for Christmas! Go to the MISSION custom pre-show trailer page for more details.

Going Live 2

Custom Home Theater Pre Show Trailer with 7.1 Audio
Ok, this is both exciting and scary. I have been working on this for about a month, generated 53 GB of data, representing over 6,200 files in 145 folders; and now we are ready to launch our first pre-show trailer. I hope you like it. I went with a tech, space, rogue type of feel for this one. It may not be for everyone, so don’t worry – I have plans for the next one if you don’t like this one. Titled “Mission” it is available in nine generic formats and a customizable option as well. There should be a generic version that will meet your requirements. Sound options from 7.1 PCM to AC3 5.1, with 1080p or 4K video.

As I mentioned in the post the other day, this site is getting more and more traffic and is resulting in higher costs. That is great, as long as we can pay for those costs. These pre-show trailers are our way of offsetting the cost, while also providing you with something of value. The generic version is available for $5, which I feel is reasonable. For the customizable version, we are asking for $30 for the 1080p and $50 for the 4K. That may seem like a lot, but it will require a lot of effort on my part to put it together and make sure you are happy with the result. Why is the 4K so much more you ask? The 4K file is much bigger than the 1080p, and takes about 4x longer to render…makes sense since it has 4x the pixels. So, it is bigger and takes longer to make, that is why it costs more. Also, I have limited the amount of custom orders to 20. This is just to ensure that I suddenly don’t have more than I can handle, as I really don’t know what the demand will be, or how long it will take to produce and deliver the files to you. So, we may get 20 orders tonight…or none at all. Either is possible, and I would not be surprised either way.

So, head on over to The Digital Theater Store and check it out. There are also youtube samples available on each product page. Also, and I can not stress this enough…if you do purchase one of these files, please ensure that it will play properly on your system by first testing a sample file that is included on each product page. I put those samples there so that you would know that it would work for you, or not. If you have a problem with the sample file and feel it should playback on your system please let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

Payments are being made through the PayPal gateway. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay through them as a guest using your credit card or debit card. Once your payment is successful, you will be returned to where you will see your order along with a download link. If there is a problem with the site, you will find the download link in an email sent to the address you entered upon ordering. The download link will work twice. So if you have issues downloading, you can try it again. I recommend that you back up your purchase. You are free to make as many copies for your devices as you want, but please do not distribute to others.

Thank you again for your support and being a continued visitor of this site.